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Our past heroes fought for our land and it's values, it is up to us to build it and keep peace. Let's remember, tusibleed ndio wa lead.

The Shujaa Stories Exhibition

This exhibition is a digital art exhibition that takes the viewers through a journey of over 400 years of our pre-colonial period heroes.

The travelling Exhibition was launched on 9th November 2018 at the Creativity Gallery, Nairobi National Museum (Kipande Road) until the end of July, 2019.

Learn more about the exhibition here.

Who is your superhero?

Look out for prophets, warriors, powerful leaders, diviners and royals!

Love? Betrayal? Vengeance?

Imagine her shock when Luanda reveals his deepest secret! That same night,.....

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Recent Exhibitions

Shujaa Stories Part 2 was a chance to finally showcase the new stories that were not covered in part 1. The public got a chance to interact with the artwork and stories on a physical space. Stories were told and memories were created! Let's catch you on the next one..

To read more about this event , click here.


This project had a special meaning to Masidza who was himself a lupus warrior.

“There's so much history that Kenyans don’t know and is not being taught in schools. In 2017 Shujaa Stories was born with a goal to unmask the history of the told and untold Shujaas of pre-independence time. The illustrations are done in a superhero and fantasy way so as to attract the younger generation."
Masidza Galavu, Creative Director, Shujaa Stories and Tatu Creatives

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