“Shujaa” is a Swahili word that means brave or courageous. It also refers to someone who is a hero.

This definition of Shujaa suits what Shujaa Stories is all about: We go the long extra mile to producing creative African content in a manner not seen before in the country. We strive to push the boundaries of content creation, production and publication and we are not shy about our efforts.

Shujaa Stories was formed to give life to African stories produced within the continent.

Our Mission and Vision

To inspire powerful and creative digital content from the African continent.


Masidza Galavu is the founder of Shujaa Stories

This project had a special meaning to Masidza who was himself a lupus warrior.

“There’s so much history that Kenyans don’t know and is not being taught in schools. In 2017 Shujaa Stories was born with a goal to unmask the history of the told and untold Shujaas of pre-independence time. The illustrations are done in a superhero and fantasy way so as to attract the younger generation.”
Masidza Galavu, Creative Director, Shujaa Stories and Tatu Creatives

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