Instameet Poster - Warrior Edition

What is an Instameet?

An Instameet is where people gather in a pre-determined place, at a set time, to take photos then upload them to Instagram. Plus, you get to meet your favourite Instagrammers for those attending the Instameet.

You don't need to be a professional photographer to go along to an Instameet.

About the Shujaa Stories Instameet - Warrior Edition

The Shujaa Stories Instameet - Warrior Edition attracted over 80 different content creators (photographers and models).

The event was held at the Nairobi National Museum and photographers were granted permission to photograph within all public spaces inside and outside the museum (this includes the galleries and the botanical gardens).

Key Statistics from the Instameet

This Instameet was special as it was themed around the African Warrior. Models came dressed accordingly and the photographers were expected to curate their images based on the theme.

To crown the entire event was Spellcast Media who had 4 amazing performances and among them were one on Mekatilili and Mepoho, and the other on Gor Mahia and Anyango Nyaloka (story coming to the website soon).

Spellcast Media Director - Andrew Tumbo (far right), together with Spellcast Media members while performing during the Shujaa Stories Instameet - Warrior Edition

Meet the Organisers and Hosts

Hosts and Organisers of the Shujaa Stories Instameet - Warrior Edition

From Left to Right:

Jeff Gitau, Bonnie Wekesa, Erick Lesan, Musyoki Musyoka, Masidza Galavu, Kinja Kariuki and Mordecai Nuni.

Some of the Best Images from the Instameet

View on YouTube a summary of some of the best images we selected from the Instameet.

You can also follow the tags on Instagram to view:

While at it, checkout this video done by one of the particants at the event, Mkenya Shorts on YouTube.

Photobook Download

Download the photobook from the link.

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